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Child Custody and Support

Unfortunately, parents fight over rights to obtain custody over their children, or to get support from their co-parent. Often, parents not married are able to informally negotiate visitation schedules, and child support payments among themselves. These arrangements may work temporarily, but will almost always lead to conflict if one parents disagrees with the other parent's wishes. Without any court involvement, the parents have no authority to decide which parent's wishes should be followed. 


Jurisdictions across the United States follow the “best interests of the child” standard, whereby the court takes into account literally dozens of factors to determine where the child or children should reside as their primary residence and which parent should make important decisions in the child’s life such as educational, religious, and medical decisions. Brian will advocate on your behalf and explain the details of your case with the care, confidentiality, and compassion that you and your family deserve.


Brian takes pride in helping people through difficult times. They help a wide range of clients from those going through an uncontested divorce with few issues to families with complex, and sensitive custody issues.


To speak to Brian directly, email him directly at to schedule your initial consultation.

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