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Prenuptial Agreements

The dreaded prenuptial agreement is often stigmatized for indicating a lack of trust between couples planning for marriage. This is a common misconception as prenuptial agreements may serve to accomplish many goals, all of which allow for a healthy, and happy marriage.


Prenuptial agreements may be particularly appropriate for a couple wanting to outline how property will be handled as they build their life together, providing clarity and understanding for big decisions that may arise during marriage. This can also help ease a couple's concerns about how a second marriage may function after hearing difficult stories of divorce, or experiencing a stressful divorce themselves.


Furthermore, business owners, including professionals and members of partnerships and limited liability companies, use these agreements to protect their businesses/practices from spousal claims in divorce or probate proceedings, and also to protect spouses not involved in those businesses from the claims of business creditors. In addition, many agreements seek to limit or waive rights to spousal support.


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Prenuptial agreement
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