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Resources for Safety Tips when using Technology as a Victim of Domestic Violence.

With the current dependency most people have with using technology to live from day to day, abusers are finding ways to use technology to commit their domestic abuse. Below are resources victims can use to protect themselves online.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence

Safety tips and information, resources, and referrals - Provides extensive safety information and suggestions regarding various kinds of technology, including social media, devices, and online based safety. Includes a downloadable app; various toolkits for survivors, advocates, and law enforcement; and updates about developing issues in technology safety. .

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) ( | (844) 878-2274)

CCRI focuses on nonconsensual distribution of intimate images, and provides services to victims including a national helpline, information about laws by state, and take-down guides for internet and social media platforms.

Safe at Home ( | (866) 509 - 1409)

Safe at Home provides a substitute address for survivors to use in place of a physical address on new records created by government agencies and the courts. Safe at Home also offers mail forwarding, and assistance with forwarding court documents and voter registration.

Safe Shepherd locates personal and identifying information from the internet and databases, alerts subscribers, and requests information to be removed. They also provide membership management for questions about online privacy. Their services are provided free of cost for victims of stalking

Women’s Law is an online resource that provides Federal and State-specific legal information. Also offers the option for individuals to reach out through their email hotline and receive legal information regarding any topic covered on their platform. Also offers more specific information about abuse using technology & safety tips for the internet and social media.

Safety While using the Internet & Social Media:

RISE Law Institute, Inc. ( | (618) 806 - 4695)

RISE offers resources, legal support, and legal representation to victims of violence, specifically those who have been impacted by abuse facilitated by technology and/or cyber stalking.

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