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Same-Sex Marriage

In 2004, Missouri voters ratified an amendment to the state's constitution that created a statewide ban on the recognition of same-sex marriages, however, there has been little clarity on how courts will continue down this path.


As of mid-2014, this law remains in effect, and even same-sex marriages lawfully performed in other states are not necessarily recognized as valid throughout Missouri. Due to this lack of clarity, the LGBTQ community is subject to a variety of complex legal concerns.


Brian can offer proactive solutions such as establishing cohabitation agreements for same-sex partners who wish to proactively address certain issues that could arise if the relationship changes, as well as retroactive solutions involving property division, child custody, and visitation. Brian has continually fought to help the LGBTQ community in upholding their rights in domestic matters.


They actively follow all legal developments impacting marriage equality, same-sex couples' rights, domestic partnerships, and related issues in Missouri and Illinois. 


To speak to Brian directly, email him directly at to schedule your initial consultation.

Same Sex Male Couple
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